Washington, DC - Polling: Americans Overwhelmingly Support President Trump’s Commonsense Immigration Reforms:

Washington, DC - Back in the seventies my dad brought some delicious cheese home from our local town. "They were giving this cheese out in front of the courthouse so I picked some up" he said. The cheese was all part of the so called fight against poverty. My dad was a hard-working coal mining man so we had food to eat. However, who is going to turn down free cheese? The cheese was actually pretty good.

Washington, DC - Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration permitted marketing of the Viz.AI Contact application, a type of clinical decision support software designed to analyze computed tomography (CT) results that may notify providers of a potential stroke in their patients.

Washington, DC - Dear Rusty: I am 73 and self-employed, but each year I must pay self-employment tax – money for Social Security and Medicare – as part of my income taxes. I have been collecting Social Security since I was 62, and always hoped that my benefit might increase due to these continued FICA contributions. I guess not. Must I continue to pay this tax? Signed: Still Paying Social Security

Washington, DC - In recognition of African American History Month and the bicentennial of Frederick Douglass’s birth, the United States Diplomacy Center is hosting a panel discussion highlighting the diplomatic careers of two prominent 19th century African Americans who served as U.S. ministers to Haiti. Ebenezer Bassett was the country’s first African American diplomat, and Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist, writer, activist, civil servant, and diplomat. Christopher Teal, a U.S. Foreign Service Officer and author of Hero of Hispaniola: America’s First Black Diplomat, Ebenezer D. Bassett, will discuss his current project, a documentary on Bassett, after screening a clip from his upcoming film. Dr. Ka’mal McClarin, Curator at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, National Park Service, will lend insight into Douglass’s little-known diplomatic career. Several artifacts belonging to Douglass during his time in Haiti will be on display.

Kuwait City, Kuwait: Opening Remarks at the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Ministerial: