U.S. EPA Honors 17 Environmental Job Training Program Graduates in Rialto

Los Angeles, California - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today will recognize 17 graduates from the Superfund Job Training Initiative (SuperJTI) in Rialto, California. The job training, offered to local residents, provided training and readiness for environmental jobs that will aid in the cleanup of the Rockets, Fireworks and Flares Superfund site. The 17 graduates will be prepared to work in positions with site contractors and off-site employers in the community.

SuperJTI is a job readiness program that provides free training and employment opportunities for citizens living in communities affected by Superfund sites. EPA creates partnerships with local businesses, universities, labor unions, community and social service organizations, and other federal agencies to address local workforce issues. EPA’s goal is to help communities develop job opportunities and partnerships that remain long after a Superfund site is cleaned up.

Approximately 400 trainees nationwide have participated in this program and 80% of trainees have been placed in a variety of jobs such as environmental technicians, material handlers, radiological control inspectors and heavy equipment operators.

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